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Professor Lucy Rogers is on location, finding out how every day technology is providing people with an engineering edge.


How can everyday tech give space-based atomic clocks... The Engineering Edge?

Professor Lucy Rogers PhD is heading to Surrey Space Centre, one of the world leaders for low-cost technology and applications for the space industry.

She is finding out how they are using everyday technology to develop a laser system for use in the next generation of atomic clocks, which are bound for space, replacing the microwaves currently used in existing clocks such as those in Galileo.

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January 5, 2020

Lucy Goes Nuclear

How can everyday tech give nuclear fusion energy... The Engineering Edge?

Professor Lucy Rogers PhD is heading to the UK's National Research Laboratory for Fusion Energy, the Culham Centre, in Oxfordshire.

It is the home of JET, the Joint European Torus, which is the world's largest operational magnetically confined plasma physics experiment. Culham Centre for Fusion Energy is researching how the process that powers the Sun could be turned into carbon-free, safe and abundant electricity for a cleaner planet.

But how have they been using everyday technology to provide the best possible conditions for experimentation and subsequent data analysis across Europe?

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December 1, 2019

Lucy Goes Animatronic

How can everyday tech give the UK's oldest theme park... The Engineering Edge?

Professor Lucy Rogers PhD is heading to Blackgang Chine, the UK's oldest theme park. Named after a coastal ravine, Blackgang Chine opened in 1840 and is still going strong today.

Being on an island, has often meant having to innovate to survive - and this mindset has been a really important part of Blackgang’s story. Most theme parks can attract people from miles away, however Blackgang Chine attracts people already on the Isle of Wight, who do not have huge budgets to spend.

So how have they been using technology to keep the theme park competitive?

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November 4, 2019

Lucy Goes Drone Racing

How can everyday tech give drone pilots...The Engineering Edge?

Professor Lucy Rogers PhD is heading to the UK Drone Racing Open to witness some of Europe’s top pilots compete to be crowned the British Champion 2019. The top racers from this event will qualify for the world championships in China.

Listen as she wears the goggles and attempts to get an insight into the fast-paced world of drone racing. With so many parts and specifications to choose from, how do competitors master the task of creating the best possible drone? And with so many variables, how do you know which component is making the difference?

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